Our High School Specials Programs are designed specifically for teenagers and are international volunteer projects that are service-oriented. This program was created in 2008 and came out of our interest in making a program geared to high school students interested in volunteering. Our High School Specials are a group of four projects that have facilitated an abroad experience for over 300 youth from across the globe to assist on service projects in Ghana.

High School Specials are structured specifically to take into account the needs and potential issues facing less traveled volunteers who are younger. We modified our programs to take full advantage of youthful optimism and energy in order to accomplish real goals.

Our High School Specials are open to teenagers who are full-time students and aged 15-19 years old. Every project is structured with weekend excursions, evening activities, observational work, hands-on service, and sessions of teaching. These programs typically last from two to four weeks so that volunteers will be able to maximize their time and to really earn a community service credit or as a noteworthy part of a college application.

“Great Organisation, they did a good job guiding my daughter while she was in Ghana doing her volunteer work! She had a fantastic time!”

Ankie Van Geffen, Europe

High School Special