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Why OGVO-Ghana?

Our Generation Voluntary Organisation (OGVO) prides itself on being a highly regarded volunteering organisation that constructs partnerships with the communities we work in.

Our mission is to foster a whole range of cross-cultural understanding and amity by providing young people with quality opportunities for international volunteering, interns, inter-cultural exchange and travel experience, education and training.

Awesome Volunteering and Non-Paid Internship Opportunities Abroad - Ghana

Visit Ghana to discover this amazing country, which offers ultimate opportunities to any traveler. Ghana offers an experience like no other West African countries. This is the reason why more and more participants are choosing Ghana every year.
Our Generation Voluntary Organisation, popularly known as OGVO provides great options to its volunteers and interns where you can combine your volunteering trip along with travel on the weekends.

You can choose from wide range of programs in Ghana. We offer vast variety of projects to choose from, volunteer work with orphans, teaching programs, football coaching, wildlife volunteer work placement, microfinance programs, journalism, medical and dental internships for medical students are also available and many more while being immersed in the local culture.

We have a flexible start dates and durations that runs from 1 week to 6 months. Extensions can be arranged with advanced notice. You can arrive any day of the year with advanced notice as well. During this time, you will reside with a local Ghanaian family. We carefully screen and match participants with the families that we believe will be best suited.

At OGVO, our programs are designed to help the local communities at the same time providing a valuable learning and cultural experience to our volunteers and interns. This is a great option for gap year and for university students or for anyone looking to do a short term volunteer project in Ghana. We invite you to volunteer in Ghana with us, and have the experience of your lifetime!

What can I do?

We have a range of project types available including:

Care & Orphanage Volunteer program in Ghana

Put a spark in the lives of vulnerable children at an orphanage in Ghana and help out to the diligent local staff. Turn out to be the children’s friend, mentor and carer as you make an important contribution to their daily life. The orphanages where volunteers are place are basic, under resourced and in need of volunteers backing. Not all children at the orphanages have lost their parents, some are taken into care as their parents cannot afford to look after them and others arrive from abusive homes. 

Teach English in Ghana

Teach in Ghana and help young children develop the skills that will help improve their future job prospects. You can teach a variety of subjects such as Mathematics, English - Language, and Creative Art. Please not that the schools are closed during the following dates:

– 13th December to 6th January
– 18th April to 12th May
– 25th July to 8th September

Medical & Nursing Volunteering /Internship Programs in Ghana

Take part in this implausible opportunity to gain first-hand experience and insight into the Ghanaian health care system. Observe and gain knowledge of from local staff whilst getting involved in basic support work. OGVO can organize placements from people of all backgrounds. So whether you’re a qualified healthcare professional looking to give back on your next vacation, a nursing student organizing an overseas elective placement, or a school leaver looking for work experience to boost your university application – we have just the project for you!

Coach Football to Children in Ghana

Volunteers will work with students to increase their enthusiasm and to take advantage of raw talent. These children love football but are often come without any proper coaching background including basic ball skills and understanding of how the game is played. OGVO works with a variety of schools and youth clubs who are looking for sports volunteers. You will act as a football coach during school and a coach for the team after school. You may also need to run a tournament that is held with a multitude of participating schools.

Dental Elective Internship Programs in Ghana
You will have the opportunity to work with Our Generation Voluntary Organisation’s (OGVO) dental elective internship programs in Ghana. Participants will be able to choose between working in cities or villages while assisting professional dentists. This is a great opportunity for dental students who want to add hands-on experience to their training. First and second year dental students will shadow doctors and help with basic tasks. Third and fourth year students will have the opportunity to do hands-on tasks like extractions, fillings and scaling, depending on interest and skill.

Journalism Internship Programs in Ghana

Ghana is a country filled with interesting events, a rich local history and plenty of photography opportunities. Experience all of this as you work for a local newspaper, television station or radio station. This is a great way for prospective journalists to learn about the field and gain valuable experience in the growth of journalism.

Youth Care/Street Children Volunteer Programs in Ghana

Volunteers show great heart as they help local organisations to improve the living conditions of the most disadvantaged children in Ghana. Even though Ghana is a growing economic power since there is a wealth of natural resources, there has been a larger disparity between the rich and the poor. A large amount of the population lives below the poverty line and this is even worse for children.

Environmental Protection  & Conservation Volunteer Programs in Ghana

Volunteers will be able to help local environmental organizations with their conservation efforts.
These organizations work to protect and build up parks and natural areas through local initiatives and activities.

As a volunteer with this program, you will learn about all aspects of conservation. You will work with organizations on a wide range of conservation initiatives such as
assisting with site restoration, planting of trees, maintenance of planting areas, and administrative assistance.

Wildlife Volunteer Programs in Ghana
OGVO is asking for volunteers to assist with a unique opportunity to work in animal care and wildlife and environmental conservation projects. Conservation Project volunteers will have the option to work on a wide range of initiatives including zoo work in Kumasi, monkey sanctuary work at Boabeng Fiema, and other options. This is a great volunteer option for all people who are interested in animals and want to make a difference in environmental conservation.

Microfinance Volunteering and Internships
As a volunteer or intern with our Microfinance Volunteering or Internship Program, you will be placed in a unique position to assist with microfinance initiatives in Ghana. These initiatives are geared towards reducing urban and rural poverty and are typically put forth by the government and other institutions.

HIV/AIDS Prevention and Counseling Programs in Ghana
The rate of HIV/AIDS patients is increasing daily in Ghana, and Africa as a whole. In 2002, there was a record of 2.4 million deaths, leaving HIV/AIDS infection as one of the leading killers in the entire continent. While there have been initiatives and programs launched to prevent the spread of the infection, numbers continue to rise.

Midwifery School Electives/Internship

Our Generation Voluntary Organization offers a chance for students studying Midwifery to volunteer in large hospitals or rural setting as an elective in Ghana, Africa. We have great need for Midwifery school electives and midwife interns. Students gain valuable medical experience for a short time although students can stay for longer periods of time.

OGVO Disabled Children Volunteers

Please note that the special needs school is closed during the following dates:
- 13th December to 6th January
- 18th April to 12th May
- 25th July to 8th September

Volunteer in Ghana with OGVO and carry out volunteering tasks at a school that caters to children with mild to severe disabilities. The school provides a variety of support services to the students, which mainly focus on basic education and life skills classes, vocational training, speech and physical therapy, and physical exercise.

OGVO Veterinary Volunteers/Interns

If you have a passion for working with animals, either in the field of veterinary medicine or in a more general animal care-oriented role, then this program is a perfect way for you to gain some knowledge and put your skills into practice. The veterinary volunteer/intern program is designed to provide a good learning experience for anyone who has an interest in animals and has a career goal in the veterinary profession.

OGVO Criminal & Civil Law Internship

Participants in this internship opportunity will be provided with all legal and soliciting training relating to criminal and civil law adjudication in Ghana and Africa more broadly. This program provides an opportunity for students considering law school to work within a law firm, to observe what lawyers actually do in their daily activities, and to perform a variety of tasks that will help them determine if they have the desire, capabilities, and temperament that it takes to be a lawyer.

OGVO Human Rights Advocacy Volunteers/Interns

We place participants in independent Human Rights Organizations that seek to provide monitoring and rights of all persons. The two recognized human rights organizations where we place volunteers/interns are The Human Rights Advocacy Center (HRAC) and Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI).

OGVO Construction & Renovation Volunteers

An ideal project for short term volunteers, no skills are required and you are able to make a significant contribution even you are only staying one week.  

Volunteers should bring gloves, flashlight, and light weight scarf for sun protection or hat, insect repellent, working boots and water bottle. Please note, this project has an additional fee of US$40 per week for construction and renovation materials that are used during the project. Please also note, projects and volunteer roles will vary from community to community.

Agriculture & Farming Volunteers

The focus of this project is to address the difficulties facing orphanage placements in terms of providing a sustainable food source for the children. To support the orphanages where our volunteer’s work, the produce grown through the Agriculture project is donated to these orphanages, thus supplementing the children’s food intake. The work available is dependent on the season and where volunteers are placed.

Foreign Exchange & Immersion Programs in Ghana

This is a volunteer opportunity that will introduce participants to life in Africa. Volunteers will have amazing opportunities to interact with local Ghanaians through a variety of activities such as drumming and dances as well as language exchange. Volunteers will be immersed in the local culture and tradition and learn all about history, artisan skills, and other interesting customs. Twi, Hausa, GA, Ewe, and Dagomba are all major languages that are currently spoken in Ghana. Volunteers will be able to participate in a local language course that will cover these expressive languages.

Summer Camp – Community Service and Travel Programogram

Be a part of our Community Service and Travel Program in Ghana in every summer and experience an amazing three weeks. You will spend the first two weeks in rural communities in Ghana as a volunteer. Your remaining week will be spent touring around this magnificent country while pushing yourself with exciting adventures.

Custom Group Volunteering Abroad - Ghana

Become a volunteer with OGVO Volunteer and Tours based in Ghana. You will be able to plan volunteer opportunities around your school breaks or even with your home institution. We create customized programs for groups, high schools, and universities.



“As a westerner coming to Africa for the first time, Ghana has provided an excellent introductory experience to the continent. While the spirit of Africa is certainly alive and well here, Ghana's people are welcoming, and give off a certain friendliness and hospitality that is not to be found in other African countries. read more>>
Alexander J. Godfrey, Australia

  • Medicine & Healthcare Internship
  • Dental Elective Program
  • Volunteer Orphanage Program
  • Volunteer Street Children Program
  • Veterinary Internship Placement
  • Disabled Children Volunteers Placement 
  • Journalism Internship Placement
  • Microfinance Volunteers Program
  • Summer Community Service & Travel
  • Construction Volunteering Programs
  • Educational Trip for School Groups
  • English Teaching Volunteers
  • Wildlife Volunteers Placement
  • Midwifery School Electives/Internship
  • Agriculture & Farming Volunteers

Quick facts about Ghana
  • Arrival airport …………Accra (ACC)
  • Capital City …………… Accra
  • Religion ……………………Christian
  • Currency …………………Cedi (GHC)
  • Population ……………… 24 Million
  • Language …………………English (official)
  • Time Zone ……………… UTC + 00:00
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