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Why Choose Us?

  • Extremely affordable program fee – Program fees start from only $390

  • Flexibility – You choose your own start date

  • Experience – Organizing variety of volunteers work/placement in Ghana since 2004

  • Safe and meaningful volunteer work across the ten region of Ghana



Our Generation Voluntary Organisation  (OGVO) provides safe, unique, flexible, meaningful and extremely affordable volunteer and non-paid internship programs  in different locations across Ghana for international students (High School students, University students) and anyone else wishing to volunteer or intern abroad, Ghana. Our volunteer and intern programs are available in both urban and rural areas. As a volunteer or intern in Ghana you will have the opportunity to work in number of different capacities including: Teaching, Orphanage Work, Healthcare - Medicals, Dental Elective Internship, Construction, Sports Coaching, Conservation, Journalism, Media, Wildlife, Architectural etc.

At OGVO, our programs are designed to help the local communities at the same time of providing a valuable learning and cultural experience to our volunteers and interns. We invite you to volunteer in Ghana with us, and be part of this amazing experience.

We have extremely flexible start dates and durations. You can start any week of the month, any month of the year. The duration can vary from one (1) week to twelve (12) months.


  OGVO Program Options Include:

Volunteer with Orphans in Ghana

Volunteer Teaching Programs in Ghana

Street Children/Childcare Programs in Ghana

Medical Volunteer/Internships Programs in Ghana

HIV/AIDS Prevention and Counseling Programs in Ghana

Volunteer Wildlife Programs in Ghana

Journalism Internships Programs in Ghana

Environmental and Conservation Volunteer Programs in Ghana

Sports Coaching Volunteer Programs in Ghana

Learn African Dance, Drumming & Language Programs in Ghana

Community Service & Travel
Schools / Custom Group Trips
This program runs for approximately three weeks. The first and second week is dedicated to volunteering in rural communities in Ghana. The third week involves exploring the beautiful country and taking... Read more>>>
1If you are thinking of taking a group for volunteer/travel abroad programs in Ghana, then you are on the right track. OGVO has a range of volunteer programs and travel itineraries catered to groups of students, social clubs, and for other... Read more>>>




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“As a westerner coming to Africa for the first time, Ghana has provided an excellent introductory experience to the continent. While the spirit of Africa is certainly alive and well here, Ghana's people are welcoming, and give off a certain friendliness and hospitality that is not to be found in other African countries. read more>>
Alexander J. Godfrey, Australia

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